Monday, January 30, 2006

Archaeology Reports of Aberford Area

Yorkshire Archaeology 7: A New Link to the Past. The Archaeological Landscape of the M1-A1 Link Road.

Construction of the M1-A1 Link Road between 1996 and 1999 afforded the opportunity to investigate the surviving ancient landscape between Lofthouse and Bramham, to the east of Leeds. The archaeological work carried out represents one of the largest landscape investigations ever mounted in the north of England. This volume is the culmination of a four year programme of fieldwork and analysis. It gives a new perspective on the archaeology of this part of Yorkshire from the early prehistoric to Anglo-Saxon periods.

ISBN 1 870 453 26 3; WYAS 2001, 330 pages, 25 plates, 146 figures incl. 17 colour. £9.50 p+p £5.00

Source: http://www.arch.wyjs.org.uk/aspubl.htm

Highways to the Past leaflet


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