Tuesday, December 20, 2005

St. Ricarius ...

I'm no expert on saints but I believe that Richarius is the Ricarius that the church in Aberford is named after ... your comments / corrections on this are, as ever, welcome!


Also known as Riquier

Memorial 26 April; 9 October (translation of relics)

Profile Born pagan. As a young man he protected Cadoc and Frichor, Irish missionaries in danger from local non-Christians. While in hiding, they converted him. He became a priest, travelling the country on a donkey and preaching the Gospel. Worked in England for several years, then returned to France to found an abbey at Centula. Abbot. Preacher. When King Dagobert visited him, he was so frank and blunt with his advice, the king gave him a large reward; he passed it on to the poor. The first to work on ransoming captives. Eventually resigned all offices and became a hermit.

Born at Centula, France

Died 26 April 645 at Foret- Moutier apparently of natural causes; initially buried in a hollowed-out tree because that's all his disciple Sigobart could afford

Canonized Pre-Congregation

Source: http://www.catholic-forum.com/saints/saintr82.htm


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