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By M.R. Piper

Whilst researching the history of Aberford School, I found the Headmaster of the day making one or two references to old boys of the school who had been killed in the two World Wars. This stimulated my interest in the men whose names are recorded on our village War Memorial. I decided to include the connections between the names of the men and the school in the history I am writing. I know that there is a link from our site to the Tadcaster Memorial site but I’ve also included information that I’ve found which linked many of the men directly with our school. This article will probably be included as an Appendix in the school history but I thought people might be interested to read it as a “stand alone” article.

Not all of the men attended Aberford School and the circumstances of each man’s death can only be glimpsed from where they are commemorated – most were killed far away from home. It does look certain that at least 5 of the men appear in the school Registers and that for some 15 others either they, or their siblings, or other relatives attended the school.

I have lived in the village for over 19 years and have passed the War Memorial with barely a glance countless times. I have never attended a remembrance ceremony despite my son being born on Remembrance Day 1981. It is good that, through this website, a little can be shared with everyone about these local men who sacrificed their futures for us. Imagine if over 20 young men from in the around the village were to be killed over the next 4 years – how would each family and the community cope with that ? I know that when I pass by these days I glance at the Memorial with fresh eyes !

If I have made any mistakes in the information I apologise and will alter it if it’s pointed out and if anyone wants to add something about each man which they feel is important then please get in touch.

Sources Consulted



School Records

Census Records and BMD Online Records

Websites – Wikipedia and the peerage


GEORGE ACOMB (died age 33)

Was married according to Tadcaster site, lived on Main Street – possibly it is his daughter who is listed in the Register: Elsie Acomb DoB 9.7.11, lived Main Street, Father George. George was a Private in the Northumberland Fusiliers – 25th Tynside Irish Battalion. He died on 23.04.17 and was the son of Dennis and Hannah of Barwick in Elmet and husband of “C” of Main Street, Aberford. He is commemorated in Etaples Military Cemetery.


This man was not found during research and there were no Bishops in the Registers. Not traced on the CWGC site.

MORRISON BLAKEY (died age 16)

Not known when Morrison moved with his family to Aberford but all of the children down to Lily May who was 11 mnths on the 1901 census were with them at Acomb on the 1901 census so they must have moved to Aberford after that date. Morrison was the son of Alfred and Lily Blakey – Alfred was a Tool Fitter. Morrison died in March 1915. And he was a Boy 2nd Class in the Royal Navy serving with HMS Ganges. He died on 20.03.15 and is commemorated in Gillingham Woodlands Cemetery.

None of the siblings are recorded in the surviving Registers but all may have gone to Aberford school and would have possibly started there before the Register commences in Aug 1906.

As at 1901 there were 2 older brothers – Charles was 7 and Harold was 8 - and 2 older and 1 younger sisters – Annie was 10, Nora was 4 and Lily May was just 11 months. Morrison was 2 at this date. He would just have been 16 at the outbreak of War. It is not known whether his 2 brothers also served but, if they did, they survived.

There are Blakeys in the Register who may be related : Charles born 30.12.13, no leaving date or father’s name recorded, address Bunkers Hill. John J Leslie Dob 12.7.09, Bunkers Hill, father John, no leaving date. Stanley DoB 1.11.11. Bunkers Hill, father John , no leaving date.

HENRY CHAPMAN (died age 26)

Henry was the son of J.G. Chapman and his wife Sara and the family lived in the Bunkers Hill area. As at the 1901 census he had an older brother Arthur who was aged 11 with Henry 9 at that time. The family were in the village 10 years earlier – perhaps longer. Henry and Arthur would almost certainly have attended the school. If Arthur also served he must have survived. Henry died in November 1917. Not traced through CWGC site.

THOMAS CLINTON (No age recorded on Memorial site)

The Tadcaster Memorial site states this man was born in Aberford but no information has been found but he died on 14.11.1915 and was in the 10th Bttln West Yorks. Regiment. He is commemorated at Maple Copse Cemetery.


From the Tadcaster memorial site comes the information that James was married to Agnes and the couple lived at Northern Cottages. He had served in the Yorks. Hussars Yeomanry where he had been a Corporal but was in the 509th (Agricultural) Company, Labour Corps when he died. He died in January 1920 which was after the war ended but he seems to have still been in the Army.

James Cockrem’s grave can be seen in Aberford churchyard fairly close to the Main Road. It is very likely that Mr Freeborn would have taught James in the early years of his time at Aberford. His funeral was attended by Miss Piercy who took some boys from the school to witness it for it was a Military funeral which they had not previously seen.

Cockrem is certainly an old Aberford family name and there are 3 children listed in the surviving Register who may have been from this direct family but almost certainly related. There is a Joseph DoB 6.11.09 with a father “James William” who left school 4.6.20 “to East Keswick”. A James with DoB 8.3.12 of Main Street with a father “William”. A Philip with DoB 14.4.16 of Main Street with father “James William” who left 2.4.31.

JOHN DAVISON (died age 26)

WILFRED DAVISON (died age 31)_

These young men were the sons of George and Mary Davison who were living at Park House Farm Cottages on the 1901 census. George was a Stockman and there were 2 more brothers – Richard who was 30 in 1901 and Thomas who was 15 that year. There was also a sister Martha aged 23 in 1901. At the time the men were killed it may be that the family was living in Saxton. Wilfred was in the 2/4th Battalion Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and died

on 3.5.17.and is commemorated at Arras Memorial. John was in the 10th Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment and died 22.04.19. He is commemorated at Foreceville Communal Cemetery.

The family had certainly been in the village at the time of the 1891 census but, since the Tadcaster Memorial site states that John attended St Wilfred’s Catholic school, it is presumed that the siblings also went there. However, they must have been well known in the community.

JOSEPH DAVIS (died age 21)

Research has failed to track this man, however there is a Joseph G Davies and a John J Davies who started at Aberford on 2.4.06. Joseph was born 31.5.96 and John 20.12.01. Their father is listed as “Charles” of Bunkers Hill. There is also a Harold Davis with DoB 14.9.13 and an Arthur Davis with DoB 13.11.14 who’s father is given again as “Charles” of Bunkers Hill.

Perhaps the spelling of the last name was confused and the Joseph referred to above is the correct one but otherwise nothing has been traced. Joseph was in the 9th Battalion West Yorks. Regiment. He died on 09.08.1915. He is commemorated at Helles Memorial.


Research has failed to pinpoint this man. From the Tadcaster website it is stated that he was “the son of Alice of Bunkers Hill”. He died on 23rd October 1918. He is commemorated at Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois.

WALTER JAMES FISHER (no age ascertained)

Again research failed to pinpoint this man but the Tadcaster website states that his “Residence : Tadcaster” which may have meant that he lived somewhere very near to Aberford causing his name to be recorded on Aberford Memorial. He died on 11th April 1917. He was in the Household Battalion and is commemorated at Arras Memorial.

GEORGE GARBUTT (died age 28)

George was the son of George and Louisa Garbutt of Hook Moor Lodge – the family were at this address in 1901 but in the previous census were in Manningham when George was just a year old. They obviously moved to Aberford in the intervening years. He died on 18th March 1918. He was in the 1st Battalion, Special Brigade, Corps of Engineers and is commemorated at Vieille Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture.

George Snr was a Mason on “the Estate”. As at 1901 there were 2 brothers – Arthur age 15 and William age 9 – and 2 sisters, Violet age 13 and Louisa age 6. It seems likely that there were also 2 more children born to the couple for a Leonard is recorded as being born 20.5.03, address of Hook Moor Lodge, father “George”, who left 26.6.16 “of age”. There is also a Bertha recorded as being born 18.8.06, address of Hook Moor Lodge, father “George”, who left 16.6.22 age 14.

It is possible that George and the younger children attended Aberford School – certainly Leonard and Bertha did. If Arthur and William also served they must have survived.


Unable to locate but there is an Edward Heard in the surviving Register DoB 22.4.02 with address given as Bunkers Hill. He started school 11.1.09 and his father’s name given as “Richard” – he “left the village” 2.3.14. This child may have been a relative. Not traced through the CWGC site.

HUGH HINTON (died age 17+)

Hugh Raymond Hinton is listed in the surviving Register, DoB 12.10.97 and his father given as “Samuel” with an address of Lotherton Cottages. Hugh left school at 14 so he would have been just 17 at the outbreak of War. He died on 27.11.17 with “age unknown” on the CWGC site – he would have been just 20 – he was a Rifleman in the 2nd/5th Battalion of the W Yorks Regiment. Hugh is commemorated on Cambrai Memorial, Louverval.

He appears to have had several siblings judging by the name of the father given for them all – Gladys DoB 19.5.95 who left 21.6.09 at age 14 – Sydney DoB 16.10.99 who left 16.10.12 age 14 – Doris DoB 19.2.04 who left 16.6.13 “left village” – Edmund DoB 19.6.07 who left 4.1.22 age 13 but whose father is “Samuel Joseph”.

There is another Hinton listed – Myrtle DoB 4.3.02 whose father is given as John Robert and who left 16.6.13 “left village”. It may be that Doris and Myrtle were both sisters and daughters of John Robert and, therefore, a separate family altogether.

Certainly Hugh had a brother called Sydney who may have also served and survived the War. Gladys, Hugh and Sydney all started at the school in 1907 and were previously at St Marys School, Hanley so they don’t seem to have been originally from the village.

WILLIAM HUNTER (died age 28+)

PHILIP HUNTER (died age 15+)

Both men were from the village.

On 1901 Census William is 15 and living with his father Samuel and Stepmother and siblings, Samuel 13, Annie 8, Herbert 5, Philip 2 and an infant daughter (Hilda) age 1 month – also Theo born 7.8.04 with father Samuel and living Windmill Lane End – and Charles Arthur born 6.11.13 with Main Street given. Only the last 3 are shown in the surviving Register with no leaving date for Hilda, date of 24.5.16 given for Theo and “left village”, no leaving date for Charles.

On the Census the address is Bunkers Hill which could be Windmill Lane End – Samuel is a Joiner/Undertaker. It is likely that all the children had attended Aberford School for Samuel is shown on the 1891 census in Aberford and was a Widower at that time. It is not known whether the 3 other brothers, who would have been of an age to participate in the War, also served but it is tragic that 2 men from the same family were killed.

Philip would have only been 15 at the start of the War, William would have been 28 and may have had a child at the school for there is a Phyllis Hunter whose date of birth is given as 22.7.12 and whose father is given as William, she is recorded as leaving school 3.6.18 “left the village”.

Philip has been tracked down on the CWGC site and he was in the 4th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment and 19 when he died on the 19.12.18 – which seems incredibly sad as it must have been when the war was ending. He was the son of Sam and Ruth of The Gables, Aberford and is commemorated in Hamburg Cemetery. A search could not identify William on this site due the number of men with the same name.


It has not been possible to trace this man but there is an Ada Mary Jackson in the surviving Register born 12.4.11 and her father is given as “Ernest William” with “Hazelwood” as the address. She left school 10.9.17 “left village” Perhaps she was the daughter of William or a relative. Not traced through CWGC site.

WILLIAM LOCK (died age 18+)

William appears to have had a twin brother – Walter – from 1891/1901 Census information. He lived with his father William a Joiner and mother Sarah, sister Agnes 17, George 11 and Maurice 3. Only Maurice is recorded in the school Register as born 16.11.97 and living in Main Street with his father called William. Maurice left school 15.5.11 “certificate”. It is not known whether William’s brothers, Walter and George also served but, if they did, they survived. Certainly all the siblings would have attended Aberford school. Not identified in the GWGC site due to the number of men with the same name.


There is an Olive Reed in the Register who was born 23.7.16 and the address given is Green Hill she started school 12.9.21 but no leaving date is shown or reason for leaving. She was previously at Garforth and in the column for “Parent / Guardian” is the name “Emily Gray” which would look as if the child was perhaps orphaned. By her age it is possible she could have been Arthur’s daughter. Otherwise it has not been possible to trace this man through the CWGC site.


There are no Shepherds in the surviving Registers and he has not been traced via Census information. Due to many men of the same name, not possible to trace on the CWGS.


William Rhodes was a 2nd Lieutenant on the 4th Btn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. He was 21 and an entry in the Yorkshire Post of 22nd September 1916 read “2nd Lieut. William Rhodes, the third son of Mr F. Rhodes, Manager of Aberford Branch of Moon’s Grocery establishment, was killed in action last Saturday morning, fell while leading a raiding party. He volunteered for the duty and was shot in the head whilst jumping on the enemy’s parapet. Aged about 22 years, Lieut Rhodes was a clerk in the office of Mr William Bateson, Solicitor, Albion Street, Leeds until joining the RAMC as a private immediately the war broke. Only recently he was given a commission in the KOYLI and came home from the front on a short leave a few months ago”. He lies where he fell but is remembered on a Memorial to the missing in Thiepval.

Research shows that William was one of a large family having 3 brothers and 5 sisters as at 1901. None of them are recorded in the surviving Registers which start around August 1906 for the youngest child, Charles was born in 1901 and would probably have just started school before the surviving Register commences. Both Jarvis and Joseph (aged 26 and 22 in 1914 respectively) would have been old enough to serve in the War but it is not known if they did – if so they must have survived. Charles would have been too young. Certainly the family would have been a well known one in the community.

It may be that William Rhodes was given a posthumous decoration but this has not been researched further.

ALVARA STOREY (died age 20)

Alvara is not recorded on the Aberford Memorial – the Tadcaster website does not record where – apart from Thiepval cemetery – he is recorded. Given his close family connections to Aberford it seems to the writer that it would have been entirely appropriate for his name to have appeared on Aberford memorial. In addition it is known that he attended Aberford school for Mr Freeman records learning of his death and that he was an old pupil. Perhaps he is recorded on a Memorial closer to where his parents were living at the time he died.

Research has shown that Alvara’s grandfather – William - was certainly farming in the Ledsham area in 1891 and came from there. At that time the family consisted of William and his wife Jane and 5 sons and 2 daughters with Hubert (according to the Tadcaster website) being the father of Alvara.

On the 1901 census we can see that Alvara – age 3 – was staying with his grandfather on that date. Alvara’s parents Hubert and Mary were at Nut Hill where he was a farmer and there were 2 children with them Muriel age 2 and Clarence E. age just 5 months. Also with them on that date were his brother William and sister-in-law and their small baby William Henry age 2 months. Quite a household of little ones on that date !

From the surviving records there is a Willie Storey DoB 1901 with no father’s name given but address of Nut Hill, who left 24.6.12 “left village”. There is also a Reginald Storey Dob 9.11.01 with no father’s name given but address also of Nut Hill Farm and no leaving date.In addition there is a Harold storey of Nut Hill Farm with Dob 12.02 and father “Matthew” who left 24.6.12 “left village”. It may be that all these 3 children were from the same family – certainly they were part of the extended Storey family.

According to the Tadcaster website, Alvara’s parents were living in Lower Shelf, Northowram near Halifax when he died – perhaps they had moved to farm there at that time.

Perhaps he is recorded on a Memorial near Northowram – I would love to know so that I can be assured he is recorded somewhere in this Country – does anyone know ? It is not known whether Clarence served – if he did presumably he survived.


It is possible that Albert was a brother of 4 children who appear in the Register which is available. These are a Robert born 3.11.02 with father “William” – he left 17.11.13 “left village”- Annie born 2.10.03 with father “John William” who left 8.6.14 “left village”- Charles born 3.1.06 with father “John William” same leaving details and Ethel born 31.7.09 father “John William” who left 15.5.14 with no reason given. The address of all the children was given as Main Street. It has not been possible to further trace this man. It was not possible to trace Albert on the CWGC site due to the number of men with the same name..

JOHN HENRY WILSON (died age20+)

WILFRED WILSON (died age 14+)

Research on 1901 census indicates that these two men were the sons of John Henry Wilson a Shepherd and his wife Hannah whose address was Bunkers Hill. There were 3 older sisters – Ethel, Olive and Isabella – and a brother Walter Christopher between John Henry and Wilfred. Again, tragic that 2 men from the same family were killed. At the start of the War John Henry would have been 20 and Geo. Wilfred just 14. Perhaps Walter served but survived. There were no less than 26 Wilsons in the surviving Register but none appeared to be from this specific family but were perhaps related. All the children would almost certainly have gone to the school as the family were in Aberford on the previous census. Not possible to trace these 2 men on the CWGC site due to so many with the same names.




This man was born in Aberford (residence Wetherby according to Tadcaster site). He served in the 9th Bn West Yorks Regiment and was killed 07.08.1915 aged unknown. He is commemorated in Helles Memorial, Gallipoli and has no local Memorial. There were no Hobmans in the school Registers and he was not otherwise traced.


Sydney was born in 1893 in Aberford , was a Private in the 12th Battlion the W. Yorks. Regiment and was killed on 19.08.1916. He is commemorated at Corbie Communal Cemetery extension and has no local Memorial.

Research has shown that his family was in Micklefield by 1901 and were living at 35 Crescent – the same address as when he was killed. There were siblings Isabella, Amelia, Rowland and Charlie. It is possible Rowland and Charlie also served but survived. None of them were found in the School Registers.



Herbert was born in Aberford in 1899 and was a Private in the 18th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry. He died 31.08.18 and is commemorated at Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck. He has no local Memorial.

Percy was the brother of Herbert above. He was older being born in 1887 in Stanks and was in the 1/8th Battalion West Yorks. Regiment. He was killed on 16.07.1915 and is commemorated in the New Irish Farm Cemetery. He has no local Memorial.

In 1901 the family were living at 62 Firth Field, Garforth but were in East Park Road Leeds in 1915 (not known where in 1918) so they seem to have moved about. Their father, Albert was a Miner . There were 2 sisters – Ada and Elizabeth and a brother Ernest who was born in 1883 so he may have been just too old to have served. They were not found in the school Registers.


This man was born in Aberford in 1899 and was a Private in the 2nd Battln the West Yorks. Regiment. He was killed aged 20 on 29.05.1918 and is commemorated at Soissons Memorial with no local Memorial. His parents were living in Leeds when he was killed. Not found in the school Registers.


Although not commemorated on the Aberford Memorial and apparently not on any local one, this man seems to have had strong connections to the village. It is possible he lived in the village up to joining the Army. Research has found that his parents Albert Wilkinson and Sarah Capper were in the village in 1891 living with Sarah’s mother in Becca lane. By the 1901 census the family had grown and there were several children – Edith age 10, Sydney age 7, Richard age 5, Beatrice age 3 and Herbert age 7 months. Whilst none of them have been found in the school Register, there is an Alfred with DoB 8.6.03 whose father is called Albert of Becca Lane and he left school 5.2.13 “left village”. It looks very likely that Albert was a brother of Sydney’s.

Sydney was an Acting Corporal in the 1st Btn W Yorks Regiment and died age 23 on 13.10.1916. He is commemorated at Grove Town Cemetery Meaulte. Richard and Herbert may both have served and survived.


From the Tacaster site we learn that this man was a cousin of John Henry and Wilfred Wilson. Going back to the 1861 census we find a William Wilson aged 37 a Tailor in Aberford with his wife Ann and 4 sons and 3 daughters at that time. One son, John Edward, was Joseph’s father. Joseph was born in Aberford in 1898 but by 1901 the family had moved to Chapel Lane, Barwick and there were 2 more children at that time – Freda age 4 and Dennis age 4 months.

Joseph was a Rifleman in the 2nd Btln West Yorks Regiment and died 19.05.1918. He is commemorated at Soissons Memorial with no local one.

The Tadcaster site states that it is believed Dennis Wilson was also killed in 1918 whilst serving with the Durham Light Infantry and that he was living in Cross Gates.

None were traced in the school Registers.



Not found under the name of “Jack” – but there was a John Bulmer in the records, born 22.9.22. His father was Albert and an address of Green Hill was given. John left school 16.10.36 at age 14. Jack is a common alternative name for John.

The C.W.G.C. site records Jack was the son of Albert and Priscilla Bulmer and he died on 14.11.44 age 22. He was a Private in the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment and is commemorated in Cessena War Cemetery.

John Bulmer seems to have had several siblings – Majorie DoB 4.8.17, Main Street, father Albert, no leaving date – Charles Albert DoB 3.3.20, Main Street, father Albert, left 29.3.34 age 14 – Winifred DoB 10.9.24, Green Hill, father Albert, left 20.10.38 age 14 – Lily DoB 6.4.27, Green Hill, father Albert, left 25.7.41 age 14 – Leslie DoB 25.4.29, Main Street, father Albert, left 21.4.43 age 14 – Oliver DoB 18.7.31, Council Houses, father Albert, - Doreen, DoB 29.4.35, 10 St Johns Estate, father Albert, no leaving date.

Charles Bulmer would certainly be of an age to have served but, if he did, then he must have survived.


Had he lived, this man would have succeeded his father to the title of “Baron Kingsale” but he was killed in action on 18.8.40. He had the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy. He is also commemorated in East Preston churchyard in a joint grave. East Preston is in West Sussex.

(Michael’s son called John succeeded to the title after the death of Michael’s father and John’s date of birth appears to be 27.1.41 so he must never have known his father. The title died out with John as he never married or had children. He had an extremely varied life – more can be found about him on various websites.)

Some research indicates that Michael de Courcy was in charge of a Royal Naval Air Station – H.M.S.Peregrine – which was at Ford in Sussex close to the south coast. It is believed this was bombed and that is how he was killed. It was not obvious why his name appeared on the Aberford Memorial but if anyone can provide information please let me know...


This man was a Captain in the Royal Army Service Corp and died on 26.6.42 age 35. He was the son of Thomas Percy and Margaret Joan of Byram, Brotherton. He is commemorated on Brotherton War Memorial in addition to the one at Aberford and in El Alamein War Cemetery. The Fawcett family are a name well known in Aberford.


This man was a Captain in the Coldstream Guards and died on 6.8.44. He was the son of Sir Alvary and Lady Sylvia (nee Wilder) of Lotherton Hall and is commemorated in St Charles de Percy War Cemetery.The Gascoigne family was the most prominent one in Aberford. Sir Alvary had a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service and Douglas was his only son for a second son, Oliver, had died in infancy. He is also commemorated in Aberford churchyard.


This man was a Gunner in the 5th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment, Royal Artillery and died on 26.8.42 age 26. He was the son of Albert and Mary and husband of Gladys all of Aberford. He is buried in Aberford churchyard.

It is possible that this family had been in the village some time as there is an Albert, aged 11 in 1901, who may be Leonard’s father – and Leonard’s grandfather would have been Harry of Brunswick Row a Colliery Engine Minder in 1901.

However, in the school records there is a Leonard Hudson DoB 29.11.15 of Oliver Cottages, who’s father is given as “John” and he left school in 1929 age 14. To add to the confusion there are 3 more children called Hudson in the school records with differing fathers given : Harold DoB 3.3.17 of Oliver Cottages with father “Albert” no leaving date “Scholarship” – Ronald DoB 25.1.17 of Main Street with father “Charles” who left in 1928 – Leslie DoB 24.6.18 of Bunkers Hill with father “Albert” with no leaving date.

It seems likely that there was an extended Hudson family in the village.


This man was a Trooper in the Reconnaissance Corps of the 56th Regiment. He died on 25.10.43 age 21 and was the son of Ernest William and Mary Kemp of Aberford. He is commemorated in Tripoli War Cemetery. Leslie is recorded in the school records with DoB 25.6.22 of Markham Cottages, father “William” and he left school 31.7.36 at age 14.


This man was a Flight Sargeant in the Royal Air Force and he died on 25.4.42 age 26. He was the son of William and Margaret and husband of Barbara, all of Aberford. He is commemorated at Runnymede Memorial. Walter was not found in the school records but there were several “Locks” and this family is a well-known Aberford one – perhaps he was known by another name in the records.


This man was a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy H.M.S. President III which is believed to have been a gunnery school. Age not known He is commemorated at Portsmouth Naval Memorial. He was not found in the school records as such but there is a Winifred with DoB 11.7.00 of Bridge Cottages with a father William who had attended Saxton school before Aberford. She left on the 17.7.11 “gone back home”. There is also a Frances DoB 7.11.07 of Sydenham House with father William. She left 24.3.16 “left village”. Perhaps these children were sisters of Philip’s or otherwise related.


He was a Pilot Officer in the 425 Squadron Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve and died 7.2.43. His age is not recorded. He is commemorated at Runnymede Memorial. He was not found in the school records but 2 children with the same surname appear. Doreen DoB 26.1.22 of Mill Cottage with father James and no leaving date “left village”. John DoB 15.6.29 of Mill Cottages with father John Henry who left 2.8.40 “scholarship Tadcaster”.

Perhaps these children were related to Arthur.


This man was a Gunner in the 262 Battery,71 Light A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery and died on 16.7.45 age 35. He was the son of Robert and Sarah and husband of Helen, all of Aberford and is commemorated in Hamburg Cemetery. Whilst not found, there are 2 children recorded and it is likely Fred was their father. Robert DoB 26.2.35 of Coronation Cottage with father “Fred”who left 25.7.41 “gone to Hammersthwaite”. Ellen DoB 28.12.32 of the same address and father who left on the same date for the same reason.


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