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Thursday, October 12, 2006

HMS Aberford is named after this village

Aberford.net recently received an email from a gentleman called Chris Lister. Chris was writing about the article posted on this site on January 2006 about HMS Aberford

Chris felt sure that HMS Aberford was named after this West Yorkshire village.

Apparently , she (HMS Aberford) went to Kenya on about the 20th August 1964, a week after Chris' father got married. Chris' father was the CO for the little fleet that went with him. His number 2 was Arthur Coxen and who now lives in Wales.

They were both with the fleet until 1968 when Chris' father returned to the UK. Chris thinks Arthur stayed on for a while more.

Chris' mother has the HMS Aberford bell as her door bell and the family also has a the ships bible!



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